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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Many Hunky Sports, So Little Time

So what's a sporty girl to do?

So many hunky sports, so little time! First and foremost I'd like to remind everyone it is football season.  Yep--this week is chock full of pre-season NFL knock down, run hard, hike it, kick it football.  Personally, I'll be watching my Lions (hush now!  I know Pitt beat them 23-7 but we're only trying out our rookies).  I know you've probably got a favorite team too and if you don't then you probably have a favorite player, and if you don't--you should. There are so many hot ones--ahem, I mean skilled athletes--to root for.  Are you ready for some football?  I am.  My prediction the Lions are the Wildcard in the Playoffs (no scoffing allowed).

Also, Phil Mickelson is rockin' it at the PGA Championship in the mid-west this weekend, while Tiger has got some assistant golf guy holding his chin straight when he tees off...what?  Yep, Tiggy's form has gone to hell and if he's not careful he is going to lose his numero uno world ranking!  C'mon Tiger, we need you to finish strong (we'll have no colorful comments inserted here either!).

Did someone say hunky sports?  It will soon be US Open time in New York.  Ya know, I plan to make it there to watch a finals match at center court someday. Until then, we'll have all the usual fantastic fare this year:  Nadal, Federer, Roddick, Williams and Williams--and so many more who are moving up fast to kick the aforementioned off the court.  Two weeks to count it down...US Open starts Aug. 30th.

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