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Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Hausch"ka Now (Hush now!) Lions over Broncos 25-20

Well well well, it was a beautiful night in the Mile High city as my Lions out-performed the Denver Broncos.

Disclaimer:  The Denver Broncos are my least favorite team in the NFL.  

Now, back to biz.....Sing it with me... "Go Lions, go Lions, it's your birthday, it's your birthday....."  They looked so great last night!  Matt Stafford actually had a solid offensive line to work with and utilize that arm we all know he has (yep..seen it).  For those of you who might not know the importance of an offensive line, they are the line-up of players that keep the big, beefy opponents from sacking our quarterback.  As long as they keep the beef at bay, Stafford has all the time he needs to find an open player down field, or hand it off close by. (Which he did a little of both). 

Everybody looked good.  Jahvid Best is BEST at what he does.  He said in a post-game interview, "I got my legs under me now".  Oh yes he does, he did an excellent job running that ball, just when I thought we were sunk withount Furrey, Jones or even Smith as a starter. 

My player of the game though, was Steven Hauschka.  Who? Say it with me, "HUSH-KA".   He just joined the roster this week and came in to kick in place of  hero Jason Hanson (still recovering from knee surgery) and did a bang up job, putting 12 points on the board via 4 field goals.  Woo hoo!

Then, as if there hadn't already been enough excitement, third stringer Drew Stanton (of MSU fame) came into the fourth quarter and scored the winning touchdown with under 2 minutes to go in the game.  Fantastic!

I know it is only pre-season, but I really like what I see.  And yes, I especially like it when it's against the Broncos.  Oh, and especially, especially like it when we beat them on their home turf...

See you at Ford Field against Cleveland...

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