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Saturday, August 28, 2010

All about the hit...

I'm a chick after all, so in my opinion, hitting isn't nice--unless it is on the football field, of course.  I'm talking Lions v. Browns, third pre-season game of the year, where it has been super hard hit after super hard hit.  Whom is hitting who? Let's talk about Louis Delmas of the Detroit defense with two mega hit tackles in the first quarter. Running into Delmas has got to feel like smashing into a brick wall. He is 5'11" and 202 lbs. and the guy is lightening fast.  Man I just love him!  You know what else I love about him?  His Lion mane of hair and biceps that bulge even when they aren't doing anything!

On a very serious note about a very serious hit, Nick Sorenson of Cleveland took a double helmet hit to his head, a good, legal hit, nothing malicious.  What did suck about it though was the way it forced Sorenson's neck back a bit like a Pez dispenser which resulted in an automatic trip onto a backboard.  Better be safe than sorry and last reported Sorenson was moving well and just being held for observation.  That's what we want to hear.  Hurry back Nick!

It's true, the defense hasn't been pefect this game.  To quote Jim Schwartz at the half, "we're playing some crappy football".  A lot of scoring going on for both sides, but Detroit has had several opportunities to keep the dogs at bay.  It's kind of been like the old Tom and Jerry episodes with Spike the bulldog. (Get it?  Tom is a cat, a lion is a cat-Spike is a dog, the browns are dogs...I know....I know....just keep reading!)  No matter how sneaky or fast Tom is, Spike always ends up getting past him to save Jerry. I'm not saying the cat's in the bag for Cleveland (I'm on a roll!), I'm just saying the big D of D better get that pretty choreography and hard hitting line up of theirs into more of a halting, stopping, do not pass go mode.

And in the Not Suh Fast category, he may have a ton of letters in his first name, but he'd better watch his p's and q's when it comes to sacking Delhomme.  He horse-collared the QB, and I mean in the twist his head off kind of way, which resulted in a mega penalty, half the distance to the goal.  Chill out Suh.  True, you are awesome and worth the money honey, but plays like that will only hurt your team.

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