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Saturday, January 8, 2011

NFL Playoffs Baby! This Chick's Picks for the week!

Ladies, begins the beginning of the end.  The excitement of the NFL Playoff season is electrifying, though it is hard not to think of the idea that the clock is winding down for football season.  How can that be?  It seems like we just got here....and right when my Detroit Lions were picking things up with four straight wins to closeout the regular season.

Being the eternal optimist that I am, however, I take heart.  You can too.  You see, just because the Superbowl is less than a month away (gasp!), the Draft is close behind, then Spring Training, and before you know it, it will be Pre-season in August.  For the real NFL fans, there is as much that goes on in the off season as there is during the real season.  Yay for us!

Now, back to the Playoffs.  Who is your team?  Mine is out, of course, but I do have teams I like, and teams I like to hate (Yikes!).

My picks for this weekend:

Jets vs. Colts:  This is an easy one.  I've got the Colts.  They have Manning who puts them into auto- drive to a W, and if Karma plays into things at all, the Jets have it coming...sexism, harrassment and just plain disrespect toward women.  Crush 'em Colts!  The winner of this game faces Pitt next week...and that organization really needs to learn a lesson or twenty when it comes to dissing their female fans.  They are in the playoffs thanks to their criminal QB.  How do they sleep at night?

Saints and Seahawks:  I'm with the Saints all the way.  Who doesn't love Drew Brees and his awesome arm and even bigger heart?  They've got game, and well, Seattle just doesn't,  not to mention their coach has been prone to bad sportsmanship.  I can't deal with that....Go Saints.  The winner here goes on to face Atlanta next week and I like the Saints chances for that game too.

Ravens vs. Chiefs:  I'm just not feeling this game but am going to call it for the Ravens.  I don't care who wins as long as they crush New England next week.  Pats Coach Bill and his ethics make me want to hurl.

Packers vs. Eagles:  The Eagles will fly right on through to next week.  I'm really becoming a re-newed Michael Vick fan.  This is a guy who learned a tough lesson, lost his ego and knows the value of the work he has done to bring himself back.  The winner here faces "da Bears" next week, and I'll still be soaring with the Eagles over Soldier Field.

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