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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Take THAT Pats! Detroit Lions 34 New England 10

"It's only pre season."  That is what I am hearing from Patriot fans and Tom Brady lovers.  I get it, and yes it is only pre season. 


Last night's nationally televised game from Ford Field in Detroit was much anticipated by peeps all around the league.  The Lions were 2-0 before last night, beating the Bengals and Browns, neither of which are the caliber of team as the Pats.  Well...Detroit didn't only win the game, they dominated New England. 

Matt Stafford was 12 for 14 with 200 yards and two TDs.  Tom Brady was only 12 for 22 with 145 yards and one TD, and he had an ugly pick that really gave Detroit momentum.  Lions had 400+ total offense. 

You would think the Patriots wouldn't be worried about a pre season game, but for some reason they kept Brady in for three quarters, which is practically unheard of in a pre-season game for a star quarterback.

There may have been something to prove for Lions coach Jim Schwartz too, having interned under the Bill Belichick (whom I cannot stand, btw) administration.  Belichick said Schwartz was one of his smartest interns, which was nice, but he also called him "Schwartzy".

To top it off, it was a very low penalty game, something I know the Lions have been really working on, having previously been the highest penalty team in the league.  Hits were clean, the worst was a bit of excessive celebration in the end zone.  Can you blame them?  They were whoopin' the Patriots for Gods sake.

What can I say?  We look awesome! For those who were waiting for the Patriots game to see if Detroit really has what it takes to win this year, the proof was on the field.  Ladies and gentleman, the Detroit Lions are in the building.  Get ready for a terrific season!

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