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Monday, August 15, 2011

How About Those Lions? Det 34 Cin 3 This Chick's Reflection:

My LIONS sweatshirt was freshly laundered.  My toenails were painted the perfect hue of Honolulu Blue. Pizza was delivered. All was perfect, and it stayed perfect.  I'm talking about my Detroit Lions in their first preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Could we have had a better start? (Okay, just a little better but I'll get to that in a minute)  Now I realize we were playing the Bengals, not necessarily the biggest challenge on our list, but despite that, and despite our roster of injuries, there are some pretty fantastic things coming off the turf in Allen Park.

First and foremost we've got to talk about the quarterback situation, specifically Stafford and his shoulder.  He looked great, he let go of the ball quickly, his completion ratio was awesome.  As long as the opposing team doesn't target his shoulder, which they will in regulation, I like what I'm seeing in the pocket.  Now, what is even more exciting than our healthy QB?  How about his back up? Should he end up injured (fingers crossed and knock on wood that this does not happen), do we or do we not have a reason to be psyched about the depth of that position?  We've got four quarterbacks baby, count 'em!  Stafford, Hill, Stanton and Robinson...and they all performed tremendously on Friday night.  It lets a chick sleep well at night!

Next up, the red zone.  I seem to remember a team that was often unable to convert inside the 20 yard line.  Not Friday night.  It was like watching a different team.  Series after series, the passing and the running game, moved us right down the field into the red zone.  What did my mighty LIONS do when they got there?  They SCORED, that is what they did!

I feel good about the O-Line and I think our Defense rivals that of a brick wall.  Our defensive line is what brings me to one itty bitty little issue with someone not so itty bitty.  Oh Suh, ya big tank!  Katrina Hancock of WDIV said it best on Sunday night's sports wrap up when she said, and I'm paraphrasing here...something like "I don't necessarily agree with what he did, but I do like his passion."  What did he do?  Um....attempt to decapitate a QB after the whistle was already blown? As a matter of fact, the LIONS had four fifteen-yard penalties for a total of 60 yards. Really?  In a preseason game? Passion is tremendous, but please keep it legal.

I get that we are trying to prove ourselves, and that many on the roster just want to keep their jobs, but ease up a little boys.  I love your focus, your drive, your dedication and ferocity.  These are all good, solid lion characteristics.  But penalties kill, no matter how king of the jungle you may be feeling.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one other major sparkle for Detroit, and his name is Jason Hanson.  If I had a buck for every time I or my husband said, "Thank you Jason" when he gave us three more points on the board, I'd be rich. I  was concerned after his surgery last season, and I think they brought him back in a little too early. But I'm not a doctor, so what do I know? I know my next LIONS jersey will be that of number four.

I am so in love with our team this season.  Coach Schwartz has got it going on.  The media is catching on that the Detroit Lions are worth paying attention to this year.  I know I'll be doing more than paying attention.  You'll hear my roar on game day, all the way from the 'burbs.

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