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Monday, September 13, 2010

Hot Rafa Nadal takes it all in New York

What an unbelievable tournament in the men's U.S. Open finals in New York tonight.  Despite a break in momentum by both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic due to two rain delays....they came out of the storm and gave us quite a show!

The last set of the match was breathtaking...and I'm not just talking about watching Nadal play!  It was so fast, so focused, so strong!  That ball was flying across the net as each man tried to out strategize the other.  It was tennis at it's purest, yet most complicated best.  Nadal and Djokovic knew they had to do more than win with endurance.  There would have been no end in sight for the match without each opponent outwitting the other, making him run, making him reach, making him slide and lurch and leap! 

It was truly an emotional win for Nadal, his first US Open Title, giving him his first Grand Slam, and a little check for $1.7 million.  Djokovic was gracious (which surprised me because earlier on he had splintered his racquet in anger) and congratulatory.  Nadal was a true champion.

As I always say...beautiful tennis!

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