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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 In Like a Lion

Dear doubters,


The Detroit Lions are in the Playoffs.  Like Schwartzy implied, some day getting into the Playoffs won't be such a will be expected.  We've got one more game this week before the post season begins, and low and behold it is against the extremely formidable Packers.  The good news is that they are entirely beatable, and we have momentum.  Some have suggested we take our starters out, save them for later...and I'm glad the Lions aren't going to buy into that idea.

Per injuries, Delmas is out and Calvin is a "maybe"...but the rest are in and we will take the field to win.  I like the idea of ending the season 11-5 over 10-6. Not sure what the Packers have up their sleeves...can't wait to see on New Year's Day.

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